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We are Google Adwords Experts and we specialise in PPC advertising on google and facebook platforms. We can bring instant traffic to your website with our PPC Services in India.

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What is PPC Advertising ?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, this is a form of Paid advertising on Google and other Social Media Platformns like facebook, linkedin, Youtube etc. It is not possible to do SEO for every keyword and ranking on google is very difficult and time consuming. With PPC Advertising you can rank in top of organic search results in sponsered ads section on google. Thus you get instant visibility and chances of people clicking your ads and visiting your website increases.

You can control how much you want to spend on a daily basis so till the time your daily budget is not consumed your ads will be shown on google, once your budget is consumed your ads will also stop. 

We are PPC advertising Specialist and can promote your business online through PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook. Our job will be to setup your account, making creative ad copy, researching keywords and much more. 

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What all Services will be provided ?

Google Ads

We will create and mange your Google Adwords campaigns, write ad copy and optimise bidding rates.

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  • Setup your Google Ads Account (Earlier Google Adwords)
  • Setup your Billing, Payment & GST Details
  • Create a Campaign in Google Ads Platform
  • Create multiple Ad Groups and Ad Variations for different products & services
  • Fix Bidding format and set Max PPC Rates that you are willing to pay per keyword
  • Do intense keyword research through competitors analysis to understand what keywords your competitors are using. 
  • Set Target Locations ie cities and countries to show your ads. Demographic targeting and remarketing will also be done. 
  • Adding various extensions to your ads like call extensions which allows user to call you directly from the google search page. There are many more extensions that can be configured as per your product needs.
  • Monitoring and Optimising your ads to get better per click rates and increase click through rates.
  • Monthly Reports on Ads Performance and Total Spends to understand ROI

Facebook Ads

We will create and manage your facebook ads account, design creative images/videos for ads

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  • Setup your Facebook Fan Page 
  • Make Cover Image for Fan Page & do basic settings
  • Setup your Facebook Ads account
  • Add your Billing & Payment details to Ads Account
  • Designing Creative Ad Images / Videos 
  • Finding the right target audience for showcasing your ads on basis or city, age, sex, interest, shopping behaviour, job profile and much more
  • Creating Multiple variations of the Ads Design to see which ads are performing well and optimising per click spend rate
  • Monthly Reports on Ads Performance and Total Spends to understand ROI


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