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Explainer Videos

Get professional videos designed for your companies products and services. We can design corporate videos, explainer videos, white board videos, youtube videos and much more.

Explainer Videos

You Tube Explainer Videos

When you explain about your company’s services or products textually, it can be time taking and boring as well. It may also decrease your website’s viewership. Heavy text material on company’s website can distract the viewers or confuse them which is not favourable for a company’s reputation.

Just imagine, if you can explain your products or services in a 60 second video which is not just entertaining but creatively interactive as well.

This 60 second short and crisp video is an animated video which is designed to introduce a company’s products or services creatively. It is eye catching and very appealing. These explainer videos are trendy and very popular these days. They have taken over all the social media platforms and are very helpful in enhancing a company’s business.


DMNINJA provides best explainer video services worldwide. We are a Mumbai based company which produces hiqh quality explainer videos which are creatively designed to explain the services or products in the most entertaining manner.

We have an excellent team that will understand your requirements and helps you to enhance your company’s business. We will take your ideas and convert them into a short and crisp video which will increase your success rate and generate your brand awareness.

We use latest technologies and softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effect in the making of explainer videos. You can use these explainer videos for your company’s promotion, app’s promotion, website’s promotion, product’s description or for the promotion of your company’s services.

Animated Videos

How Does it Work ?

Discussion with Client

At first, our script writer goes to meet the client for the briefing. They discuss about the requirements of the client, services the client required, promotional activity the client wants and their functional area.

Script Writing

In the making of an explainer video, the script writer writes a script as described by the client and sends it to the client for their approval. Once the client approves the script, it goes for storyboarding.


Storyboarding is based on the script written by the script writer. In storyboarding a graphic representation is created by the sketch artist as per the briefing given by clients. The sketch artist describes how the video will unfold step by step in the process of storyboarding.

Colour Layout

After the sketching part is completed here comes the work of a coloring artist. Sometimes, a brand colour or a theme is given by the client. So, in that case the coloring artist has to follow that.

Creating Animation

Creating animation is mainly a process of bringing life into the characters sketched by the sketch artist. Animation includes breathing life into the characters, transition of still frames and popping out of text and icons.

Final Output

After the animation process is finished an explainer video comes as an output. At the final stage, we send this explainer video to our client. This video can be used for different purposes like promotion of a company, promotion of a company’s services, product’s description, app’s promotion, website’s promotion, etc.

Character & Background Designing

Character & background designing is all about imagination. The sketch artist designs every character and its background according to the script written by the script writer and as per the video type. They are being designed in such a way that they will complement each other.

Professional Voice Recording

In voice recording, a script is provided to a professional voice over artist and then his/her voice is being recorded for the video. It can be done by one or several person.

Music and Voice over integration with Animation

When the animation work is being done the animator synchronize music and voice over with it to make it a proper video. In an explainer video, combination of animation and music is mandatory whereas voice over is optional.

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