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We design creative and responsive email campaigns that not only land in Inbox
but also brings in conversion. We will also provide reports for each campaign

Why take Email Marketing Services 

In todays digital world where digital marketing serivces like SEO, PPC, SMO are opted by companies, we also recommend Email Marketing as all these activies are interlinked to each other. The above mentioned Digital Marketing Services will bring traffic to your website but Email Marketing will bring returning customers. Wanna know How ? 

Research Says 80% of internet users actively check their email throughout the day, Most important activity any one does on the web is checking and replying to email and then comes social media and search. 

We can help you tap your customers by directly reaching them in their inbox. Well we will design a Subscribe to our newsletter section on your website and when a customers enters his email id they will be stored in a Mailing List App. Now you will be able to send these customers latest offers, updates of your blog articles, New Product or serivce launch intimation etc. via email. Since these customers have subscribed to your list, your emails wont go in SPAM folders and thus brings more conversion. 

How will we do your Email Marketing ?

List Management

We will install a app on your website using which your visitors can signup for Newsletter.

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First Step to Email Marketing is getting Qualified Subscribers to join your Mailing List. This can be done by importing your existing customer database and sending them a email to subscribe or put a subscribe to our Newsletter Section on your website. You can have multiple List depending on products and services customers are interested in buying so mailers can be delivered to laser targetted customers only. This will increase the conversion rate.

We will also manage bounces and clean the list so that it decreases the chance of our emails going in spam


Mailer Designing & Sending

We will design a high quality html mailer with images and text elements.

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Firstly we will design HTML emailer which will have your logo, banner images, links to your websites relevant pages and links to social media accounts. 

We will then do Email Testing by checking if it is loading properly in all the email interfaces like gmail, outlook, mobile devices. 

We will various spam testing to check email doesnt land up in spam folder.

Finally we will send the email to targetted list and wait for reports to generate.


Planning & Strategizing

We will understand your products and then come up with a plan to initate your marketing campaign.

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We will plan as to how many emailers needs to be sent to a targetted list, and what content needs to be sent. We cannot send similar content in every email so we will device a email marketing calendar and plan what to be send like one mail can have your products information, other email can have industry news, other email can have a blog article etc. 


We will be able to share reports of each campaign, this will help us understand conversion rate.

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Once the email has been sent to your list members, we will send you report in excel format as to how many emails were delivered, how many emails were opened, how many emails were bounced, how many people unsubscribed etc. 

With this report we shall be able to track how our emails are performing and what tweaking we need to do so that we get better conversion rates. 

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