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Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are best way to showcase your products and services to customers, People dont prefer reading product details instead they like to see videos

What are Explainer Videos ?

Explainer videos are basically animated videos, that talk about your products and services. When your try to explain your customer about your product and services in a textual format it becomes very lengthy, time consuming and boring. 

But Videos on the other hand can be made intresting, short and upto the point. These videos can be made with many goals in mind like product consideration, explaining about your work process, training material for your staff, testimonial of customers etc 

Process involved in Making a Video ?

Client Inputs

Understanding Clients requirement as to what kind of a video they want 

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We will meet you in person to discuss about your video. Creating a video is a complicated work and involves creative inputs from client since we need to present entire content in 1 to 2 minutes. 


Designing Video

Once the Script is approved by client we will start the Video Designing Process

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Video Designing involves various process like character designing, animation, transitions, background music etc. Our expert team will take care of all of that and then we will move our nex step ie. Voice Recording

Script Writing

Based on your inputs and narations we will develop a short script

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We will try to make the script as crisp as possible that conveys the most in a short span. This is a very creative job and our team will take utmost care that your content is designed to woo your customers.

Professional Voice Recording

We hire professional males / females voice artist and get a voice recorded in a studio. 

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These artist will do professional voice over for the video based on the script finalised by the clients. They will make best use of voice expression to make your videos intresting. 

Once voice over is done we will integrate it with the video file and hand over final version to the customer.

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